After Judges Block Trump Again, Jeff Sessions Unleashes Their WORST Nightmare

On Thursday, Jeff Sessions lashed out at US judges for continuously blocking the President’s executive orders. Sessions was speaking at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington. He told attendees that the judges were hurting America in their defiant attempts to get revenge on President Trump.

Americans should not have to suffer because a liberal judge refuses to accept defeat. Sessions reminded everyone that these judges are NOT following the ways of the US Constitution.

“The Constitution gives judges no right to veto a president’s actions because they disagree with him on policy grounds.”

Sessions railed against judges who have shot down DACA elimination efforts as well as Trump’s travel ban – simply because they think the legislation would be “heartless.” Sessions has one important lesson for these so-called judges: That is NOT how you rule!

“Today, more and more judges are issuing these lawless nationwide injunctions and in effect, single judges are making themselves super-legislators for the entire United States. We have nearly 600 federal district judges in the United States—each with the ability to issue one of these overreaching nationwide orders.”

Sessions ended his words with one final warning to these incompetent judges:

“Those who ignore this duty and follow their own policy views erode the rule of law and create bad precedents and, importantly, undermine the public respect necessary for the courts to function properly.”


Don’t mess with the law, and don’t mess with Jeff Sessions! This man will not rest until Americans can feel safe and secure within their own country. This liberal obstruction has gone on long enough!

Get these judges OUT of the courtroom!

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